Head Lice Removal Made Easy

Published: 07th October 2010
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Effective lice removal is easy when the family works as a team to put an end to the bothersome problem. Before you pop off to the pharmacy to spend money on commercial brand over the counter products, spend some time online finding out about alternative and practical remedies. There really is only one essential tool you absolutely need from the pharmacy, and that’s a good nit comb. All the other treatment products you need can be found in your kitchen cupboard, and will cost a lot less than the chemical based removal solutions.

Understanding Pharmaceutical Products

The majority of over the counter medications and products can be broken down into two main categories; pesticide based and silicone based solutions.

Many parents, after researching these products, feel dubious about their effectiveness. They also share understandable concerns that these chemical based solutions could cause other potential risks.

Pesticide based anti-insect chemicals products will contain poison. Although in the past, these may have proven to be effective; there is evidence that suggests that the lice are now developing a resistance to the chemicals, evolving immunity to the insecticides used.

Silicone based products attempt to smother the critters. These newer treatments have been developed following the success of an alternative remedy made from home products, which smothers the parasites overnight.

Understanding Home Alternatives

Whether you decide to go down the chemical route, or you decide to try home treatments first, you must always go to your pharmacy and buy a good nit comb. These are, without a doubt, one of the best parasite removal products available on the market. The nit combs can be used alongside any treatment, and can be used every day.

There are lots of different home alternatives online, but some of the most recommended treatments include:

• The Smothering Method – Use Vaseline, mayonnaise or oils to achieve the same effect as silicone based treatments.
• White Vinegar – Use white vinegar to soak dry hair for 30 minutes. White vinegar is believed to break down chitin, the substance securing nits (the insect eggs) to the hair shaft. Nits are normally a nuisance to remove, but white vinegar can make life a little easier.
• Tea Tree Oil – Many parents swear by this Australian essential oil in their fight against the parasitic blood suckers.

Time to Treat the Home

Again, it doesn’t matter whether you decide that chemical or homemade treatments are right for you. All families suffering with an infestation of the blood sucking parasites need to take proactive measures around the home, as well as with the hosts (the people immediately affected by the infestation).

An adult louse can live for up to 72 hours without a host. It can hide in bedding, towels and clothing, so it’s important that the entire family works together to actively remove any surviving insects in the home. The family must remember to not share any clothes, towels or bedding during the treatment stages, as this will reduce the risk of reoccurrences further.

The best way to defeat any enemy is to know that enemy inside out. Make sure you spend time learning about the insects as well as effective removal and preventative treatments.

Nancy Williams is a regular mom who has researched the problems of head lice and lice removal. For more information about Lice Removal , Visit Head Lice Information.

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